Assignment of Your Book Rights

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014

As an Infinity author you own all of the rights to your book and the copyright is in your name.  The extended protection provided under the U.S. copyright laws affords copyright protection from the time of creation of the work until 70 years after the death of the author.  This is very important to Infinity authors because you have a book that will always be in print and available for distribution and it’s protected by the extended copyright which means your book has the ability to produce an income well into the next century—that would be the 22nd century, and that’s a long time.

Infinity pays monthly royalties to our authors, when the amount due is $20.00 or more, on all books sold.  This means that as long as your book is in our POD system you will continue to earn royalties year-after-year. It is important that you give consideration to making provisions now to do a directed assignment of the rights to your book and future royalty checks to one of your intended heirs in the event of your death. 

Several authors have assigned their royalties as a bequest to their college or to some other group to assure their living legacy continues after they’ve passed on.

Check with your attorney about what type of document is needed to legally pre-assign the rights to your book and to keep your publishing agreement in force so your heir can benefit from your work for many decades into the future.  Doing this now could keep this part of your assets out of probate.  This way you’ll also achieve a wee bit of immortality.

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