Pleasing color??? Matching color?? There's a big difference in the perception of colors!!!

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Published On Sep 27, 2014

VP of Author Services, John F. Harnish, November 23, 2010:

Infinity Publishing book covers are printed digitally using a printing industry standard know as Pleasing Color.  This means the color printing is done in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.  The various hues of colors are representational of the actual colors but there isn’t an exact match of colors.  In other words, Aunt Sally’s red dress might be a slightly lighter or darker shade of red.  This slight variation in the color of the dress isn’t at all noticeable unless you’ve seen her in the actual dress, and even then you might not notice any difference in the color. 

Matching Color usually applies to costly and highly controlled printing jobs done on a four color offset printing press.  The color printing is constantly checked throughout the process to make certain that all colors are an absolutely perfect match.  This is a very expensive process and only used when an exact match of colors is absolutely necessary—such as making a perfect match to the very distinctive Kodak trademarked shade of orange.  In this kind of situation, it is vital for continued brand identification that the color of orange is a constant and true match—Kodak has the big bucks advertising budget to afford the high cost of printing Matching Color.


And while we’re talking about book covers, do remember to keep your book cover design ideas simple—very simple!!!  Too many first time authors have this really warped belief that they need all kinds of details incorporated into the cover art because each element tells a part of the story!!!  UGH!!!  Bummer of an idea.  The telling of your story happens inside the book.  Your cover is for selling your book and the more eye catching and simple the design the quicker a potential reader is going to be to consider reading it—consideration leads to selling a book.

Look at it this way, a red traffic light is a simple circle illuminated in bright red.  The single message is STOP—quick and easy to understand and after giving instant consideration to stopping you STOP.  Now let’s think about including a visual symbol for stop because cars, trucks and people walking dogs will be crossing directly in front of your path.  Not good!!!  Also, you need to include the element that if a cop catches you running a red light you’ll get busted and that will cost you green bucks!!!  All these because reasons are parts of the story about why it is usually wise to STOP when you’re seeing RED!!!  In an over complicated world ‘tis a joy to consider the many merits of a simply stated visual message that conveys the concept of your selling point. 

There are exceptions to almost all rules, but growing exceptions to the rules takes a firm understanding of the simplistic basic foundation that’s the one compelling point for considering reading your book.  Sure, push the envelop and think beyond the box as you enhance upon that main point.  That’s where you push and expand from to sell your book.  Remember, expanding upon the title is what the sub-title is for—it builds another point or two for consideration.

Enjoy often…John

-John F. Harnish

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