New Frontiers In Book Publishing

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014

Traditional book publishers are constantly riding a balancing act describe the imagebetween what’s being considered politically correct and what latest deviations are driving the current trends that can yield a profit before fading away.  Infinity Publishing has always provided authors with a rather free and open press, willing to publish books on a wide variety of topics with deviations that are a matter of personal interests.  Freedom of expression is essential for the creative author to share their storytelling effectively.  The author and book publisher are both involved in varying amounts the promotional and marketing efforts to sell the book and share in the proceeds.  There has never been a place in time when freedom of expression was more available and affordable to the inspired masses for their individual expressions.

Hopefully, this provides some understanding of the happenings taking place in our evolving branch of book publishing and brings you some insight as to why Barnes & Noble stores might be difficult to deal with, and thusly why we stress working with and supporting independent bookstores.  So just when you thought the good “old boy’s” system of traditional book publishing was ruling the day and imposing their tattered ways, well, you might be right—for now...but as for tomorrow...and tomorrows...

We are living and writing in very exciting times!  Welcome to the new frontier in book publishing. The publishing revolution starts here and the time is now.  We can revisit history and we can certainly learn from it, but come along with us now as we, together, make it happen. And your inspired creativity and continued involvement makes it happen again and again and again!



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