Top Three Best Selling Authors for March 2011

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014

Once again we have a variety of books achieving Top Selling status in March with the authors employing a variety of promotional efforts to generate interest in their book.
Eldon Irving - top selling March 2011 author of Personalities in the Pews (Stories of Inspiration and Humor) with illustrations by Gloria Irving. 
How I Have Been Promoting My Book: 
"Much of what I am doing I learned at the last Infinity's Gathering of Authors Conference in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.
First, I developed a five page website ( with a picture and a blurb about the book along with what others are saying about the book, my biography, a sample chapter, an announcement page of newspaper articles and book signings, and a contact page. On this website is a link that goes straight to my book page on the Infinity website, where people can order the book.

I have joined the Dallas Area Writers Group and have networked and made several contacts for speaking engagements. I also contact churches that are looking for speakers, and I make presentations and do book signings. I seek out and participate in book fairs.

I contacted the local Suburban newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, and a regional magazine, Southwest Now, and each wrote articles and took pictures. I take these articles and put them on my table at book fairs.

I sold copies of my book to the local Christian bookstore and the bookstore at University Christian Church.

I always carry business cards with a picture of the book and my website address. As I meet with people, I look for an opportunity in the conversation to say something like, "Let me share something with you. I just published a book. Take this card, go to the website and you can read a sample chapter."
Leonard Renier - top selling March 2011 author of Learning to Avoid Unintended Consequences.
"I have been in the financial services industry for many years.  It is my belief that traditional financial thinking fails to achieve its desired goals.  Much of this failure is centered on the lack of knowledge and understanding of how money works in people's lives.  Knowledge is something you learn, wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge to your everyday life.  I believe with more knowledge and wisdom you will be able to make better life decisions.
The intent of all the books that I have written is that professionals in the financial services industry can use them as a tool to enhance their business. 
Investment people, CPAs, accountants, financial companies, financial planners and the insurance industry find the books very effective in helping their clients.  The books are designed to create questions in the reader's mind when it comes to traditional financial thinking.  The professional then can have an informed conversation and answer the questions that the books have raised."

Marketing to a Message and Other People's People
"Much of the training that I do across the country to members of the financial services industry is centered on Marketing to a Message instead of marketing a company and their products. In marketing my books, the first layer of marketing would be demonstrating to the financial professional how the books would impact their careers and their relationship with their clients.  The books are written for the public to increase their knowledge and wisdom.  Professionals now buy the books to distribute to their clients and potential clients.  This process is the second layer of marketing.
Using organizations and industries to market my books has been very productive.  It has led to public speaking opportunities, writing magazine articles, and radio and TV interviews which are book marketing activities.
Infinity Publishing has worked with me and has provided the support to make our marketing a successful venture. Visit my website at:"
Mark Hammerschmidt - top selling March 2011 author of, Notes on ICU Nursing: FAQ Files from the MICU: Second Edition
Visit Mark's book page at:

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