Eco-libris highlights Infinity Books - "What Love Is A-Z"

Posted by Brittany Lavin
Published On Sep 27, 2014
describe the imageMany of our authors might not be aware that Infinity Publishing has partnered with Eco-Libris to launch the “100 Tree Project.” With this project, Infinity’s authors have the option to make a $50.00 donation to plant 100 trees for each book they publish. In return, Eco-Libris will authorize Infinity to include an official Eco-Libris logo that reads “100 trees planted for this book” on the book cover. This will serve as a reminder of their commitment to improving the environment.

Eco-Libris, founded in 2007, is a green company working with publishers, authors, and bookstores across the world to “green up” the book industry by promoting green practices, endorsing green books, and planting a tree for every book published.

Eco-libris has agreed to highlight each Infinity book that has taken advantage of the “100 Trees Project” in their blog. This blog will also be linked in Infinity’s Publishing blog which means more publicity for the author!

Eco-libris is currently highlighting What Love is A-Z by Elle Febbo.

Click here to read the full article on Eco-libris!

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