BookBOAST: The New Trend in Book Marketing

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Feb 12, 2018

In the world of indie publishing, 2017 might go down as The Year of Collaboration. Multi-author box sets were big, as usual, but so were multi-author pen names, genre author teams, newsletter swaps, and genre giveaways featuring large numbers of authors banding together to create huge prizes. The old saying, "A rising tide lifts all boats" is one that fits the attitude of the self-publishing world today. bookboast_self_publishing.png

The only problem with this new cooperative attitude is that it can be difficult for authors to find others to work and market with. Facebook groups can go a long way, but their reach can be limited by Facebook's unfathomable rules. There's a new company that's been created to take this attitude further, by helping authors to connect with others, cooperating with each other on a massive scale. It's called BookBOAST, and it's helping authors to hit undreamed-of sales numbers.

Three Ways to Market

BookBOAST offers three different ways to promote your books, making them the ideal partner for any author. The most popular section is newsletter swaps. You'll be matched up with other authors in your genre, and given the opportunity to have your book advertised in their newsletters, in exchange for you putting their book in yours. It's estimated that the total number of newsletter subscribers is over 5 million at this time, so the potential for finding new readers can be huge.

If you've got a book offered for free as a lead magnet, BookBOAST's group giveaways will super-charge your results. Genre readers love to get combination packages filled with books in their favorite niche. You'll love the huge increase in email addresses to add to your newsletter list.

If you've got a plan that doesn't include other authors, you can use the platform's individual book giveaway abilities. Use it to send out ARC copies, give free books to your favorite fans or street team, or just entice possible readers to grow your newsletter email list.

Plan Prices

BookBOAST is truly meant for authors on all sales levels. The beginning plan is free, and that includes the ability to include two different pen names and join up to 10 newsletter exchanges per month. Other plans allow you to add more pen names and join more exchanges, but the most expensive plan is only $20 per month. With these rates, it's possible for every author to add collaborative marketing to their promotions plans. 

While BookBOAST won't be your complete marketing plan, no single site should be. Successful book marketing has a wide variety of facets; this should be a simple one to add to the list.

Keep the Faith and may the Force be with you!

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