Bookstat: The Ideal Book Marketing Tool to Pinpoint a Profitable Niche

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Mar 22, 2018

Any indie author who writes to market knows about DataGuy, the anonymous number cruncher who, along with Hugh Howey, broke down the mystery at Amazon to show exactly which niche is selling each month. Their Author Earnings Report is a standard in the business, showing which niches are on the rise and which ones have peaked and are on their way down. If you write to market, this information could mean thousands of sales each month. Bookstat_self_publishing_indie_authors.png

Author groups can now subscribe to Data Guy's Bookstat service and take advantage of his laser focus on sales to figure out where to put their books for the highest sales results. Instead of seeing a monthly compilation that's aimed at all of Amazon, Bookstat now turns its laser focus on one particular niche. Your niche. And you'll get the results in just one day, not after a couple of months.

What's the Rush?

The independent publishing world moves faster every day. At this point, if you're not moving forward you're virtually falling behind. Writing to market is proven to be the quickest way to earn top royalties across the board, but there's always been the problem of figuring out which part of the market to concentrate on. By concentrating on past sales and trends, you'll be looking at what happened in history, not what's happening now. By the time you put that information into action, your chosen niche could be on a steep downward curve, with buyers moving on toward another, similar niche. Find out the freshest data in your genre to give yourself the biggest head start on the curve.

What Does Bookstat Include?

You'll get current, real-time information on independent sales, as close as yesterday's sales. Bookstat compiles data on ebooks, audiobooks, and print books sold online. Even more importantly, it also gives you date on how what books are up for pre-order in your genre, plus how many pre-orders have sold up until today. Before the books have even been released. Trying to decide on a release date for your newest book? Here's a way to figure out days to avoid, when popular books in your niche are about to be released.

Where is the Data From?

Unlike the old Author Earnings Report, Bookstat gathers data from all over the internet. You'll get sales data from Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Audible, CreateSpace, and many others.


Bookstat is just rolling out, and right now they're aiming at mid-range private publishing imprints. Author groups and small publishers are able to email for further details. Experts are watching this company closely, looking to see them put out a smaller version for individual authors in the near future.

Keep the Faith and May The Force be with You!

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