Charity Books: Get Great Results From Doing Good

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Nov 9, 2017

Hurricane relief. Cancer societies. Walkathons. We're faced with dozens of requests for charity donations every week. You want to be able to do more, especially for those charities that touch your heart, but no one has enough money to give everything they want to. What if you could create a way for your favorite charity to receive a long list of donations? And as a bonus, what if it helped to grow your fan base at the same time? Dozens of committed authors are doing just that by offering to donate a percentage of their royalties from their books to their favorite charities. Do the same with your book and, along with knowing you're giving a lot of help to a needy cause, you'll have the opportunity to get to know a lot more potential readers who share the same interests with you. Self_published_charity_Books.jpg

Choosing Your Charity

Picking your charity or cause can be tough, because there are so many worthy people out there right now who need a helping hand. Is there one charity that's always tugged at your heartstrings? Then that's the one for you. If you've always just given to general charity funds and have a hard time choosing one specific cause, find one that's somehow connected to your books' subject matter. After all, if you write about a subject, you probably have some feelings about it, right? If you write romance novels set in Florida, hurricane relief might be a cause you'd be interested in supporting. Your back catalog of non-fiction pet books give you the perfect reason for donating to shelters, rescue associations, or other animal causes. Your main goal is to choose a cause you truly believe in, but picking one that resonates with your readers can be icing on the cake.

Spread the Word

Once you decide on which book to use for charity, its time to do some book marketing and create a social media storm and spread the word everywhere. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else you can think of, every single day. Join Facebook groups in your genre and drop a post about your charity donation. Look for groups associated with your charity and let them know what you're doing.

The key to a successful charity drive is to have a beginning and ending date. Once you've passed your end date, figure out how much you've made for your charity and send it off immediately. After that, throw a virtual party on social media. Have giveaways, announce the total donated multiple times, create happiness in general about the good you were able to do with your readers. Make plans to do it again next year, and built anticipation throughout the coming months until you can do it again.

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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