Create an Author Workspace That Inspires, No Matter Where You Work

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Dec 18, 2016

Virginia Woolf said that every writer needs "a room of one's own," but some authors aren't quite so lucky. If writing space is tight in your environment, it can be hard to block out distractions and concentrate on your work. The trick to finding an inspiring workplace anywhere is to mentally create your own bubble of creativity. With just a few simple tricks, you can turn even a busy coffee shop corner into your own private work zone. writers_workspace.jpg

Create an Enclosed Space

If you've got your own room, even if it's a corner in the laundry room, close the door. If you've set up someplace else in your home, hang curtains around your desk, surround it with a standing screen or create false walls out of bookcases. If you're out in public, wear a hoodie and pull the hood up over your head for a psychological set of walls. The effect will be the same.

Another way to give yourself some mental room is to create a new user on your laptop that's only for your writing. The act of changing over to your author account will give your mind that little bit of separation it needs. Add to this a light that only falls on your workspace to create an extra bit of that alone feeling.

Back to Nature

Many studies have shown that the brain is more creative if you have a view of nature. Now, it's probably not going to be possible to set your desk up in the middle of a forest, but if you have a window that faces the back yard, try setting your desk up in front of it. If that's not possible, hang a large nature poster on the wall right behind your monitor. Get a plant and place it on your desk, and hang some easy-care vines from the ceiling. If your workplace is the local coffee shop, get a mug covered in leaves or beautiful scenery and change your desktop wallpaper to something leafy or a sandy beach.

Keep Resources Handy

Every author has a few go-to resources, whether it's a thesaurus they still have from college or a favorite historical reference book full of obscure details. Your area will feel more comfortable if you have these helpers at hand. If you work in public and the idea of stacking books on the table is out of the question, make a folder on your computer filled with easy links to your favorite sites.

Who's Your Inspiration?

Pick a writing inspiration and incorporate them in your area. It can be another author, some famous historical figure or even a fictional character. Who inspires you with their work ethic and drive to succeed? Keep signs of this person around everywhere. Create a tote bag with their picture on the front. find a travel mug with your spirit animal on the side, or get a sheet of stickers with your icon's name and plaster them all over your laptop. Posters are great for home workspaces and t-shirts are portable inspiration you can take with you everywhere.

Keep the faith and may the Force be with You!