Dropcards -- A New Way to Sell E-Books and Audiobooks

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Jun 19, 2015

If your books are exclusively digital, existing only in eBook and audiobook form, marketing them online may be easy but promoting your books in the real world can be a big challenge. People handing over cash in book stores or at conventions tend to want to walk away with something in their bag. Even if you post the book online, they may still be uncomfortable just getting a piece of paper with an online address printed on it. What you need it something substantial that shows your book is real. Dropcards can do just that. Dropcard_self_publishing

What They Look Like

Dropcards offers a number of options for your marketing campaign. One of the most popular versions is the gift card, which looks exactly like the familiar store gift card you see every day. They also offer biodegradable cards, lanyards and cards with hidden codes, as well as digital codes you can send through email. Each code gives readers access to the site online where the book is stored, but it's a tangible piece of merchandise that not only signals a purchase, it can be collected as a piece of memorabilia. The cards generally feature the artwork from the book cover, so they are the perfect tie-in with other book marketing events.

How Dropcards Work

A writer uploads his work to a secure site. He then gets a set of Dropcards to give or sell wherever he chooses. Dropcards creates a separate landing page for each code, or writers can embed the code redemption box onto the pages of their website, if they prefer. Readers receive the card, go online to redeem the code, and receive a digital copy of the eBook or audiobook. Authors can even change the content offered, giving them the ability to release books a chapter at a time, or parts of a serial in order.

How to Use Dropcards

Dropcards can be used just like print copies of a book, but can be even more versatile than that. For instance, you can:

  • Put a pile of Dropcards next to a pile of your hardcover books at book signings
  • Offer a free copy of an older book bundled with the new book, as an advertising bonus
  • Use Dropcards as prizes in contests
  • Give Dropcards to members of your street team as a thank you for their hard work
  • Leave Dropcards laying on tables in libraries, to entice readers to buy later books in your catalog

Wherever you would consider giving or selling a store gift card, these cards will fit in perfectly. In gift baskets or given away to hospital staff, they're a unique way to get your books into more readers' hands.

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