From Maid to Made: The Power of Writing as Reflected in the New Netflix Show

Posted by Sara Esther Crispe
Published On Oct 26, 2021

“Writing is where I go to be honest about how I feel.” 

These powerful words are said by Alex, a victim of domestic violence, in the new Netflix series, Maid. She expresses this concept as she leads a creative writing group to other women in the shelter as a way to help them build strength and heal. 

As the final episode unfolds, we watch as these women transform from victims of domestic violence to survivors. They shift from a slouched position to upright, from faces plastered with fear to smiles and laughs. As they put their memories, hopes and dreams into words and those words on paper, they bring them to life. As Alex explains to them: “No one can take writing away from you. Nobody can tell you that you are wrong or your words are wrong. You’re right and your words are right.”

Writing is the way Alex escapes, discovers herself, taps into her power and potential, and gains strength and clarity. She knows the power of writing and she shares it with others, giving them the gift they already had but just didn’t know. 

And in case you have yet to recognize it, you have it too. Those words are within you. They are you. And they just need to be put on paper to be realized. It may seem a bit overwhelming as writing can require you to be vulnerable, but as Alex also so eloquently notes: “It’s a lot easier to write the truth than to say it out loud.”

The Opyrus Writing Meditation, Helping Our Healing, was created for the same purpose that Alex leads her Creative Writing Workshop. It is because we know the power of writing to transform your life, and our goal is to make that process as simple, enjoyable and transformational as possible.

This Writing Meditation will lead you through 6 steps of addressing a challenge or issue in your life, recognizing how that is impacting you, figuring out practical steps you can take to address it, and creating the reality you want to have, through words. Sure, it will take more than the 10-15 min. this Writing Meditation takes for change to actually happen. But, this is most definitely going to set those wheels in motion and create a plan for you.

So try it out. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You deserve this.

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