How Authors Can Outrank Competitors (on Amazon)  With KDP Rocket

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Nov 3, 2016

Keywords are one of the top three ingredients you need for your book to reach the top of its sales rankings. In order to sell more books you need visibility, and keywords are the best way to ensure readers find your book when they search for your subject matter. But how are you supposed to know which keywords work the best? Before now, authors just used trial and error, using their best guess to narrow down the choices. Now, authors have a new tool for finding the right keywords for Amazon sales, KDP Rocket. kdp_rocket_self_publishing.png

What KDP Rocket Does

This handy tool is an elaborate system designed to find the right keywords to help your book rise to the top of the rankings. You start by typing in a likely keyword you think might rank well for your book. KDP Rocket will show you keywords that relate to your suggestion. You'll find tons of date on each keyword, including:

  • How many people search Amazon and Google for that keyword string each month
  • How many books are currently using that term
  • How much money the top books using that keyword are making each month

Once you've settled on a keyword, KDP Rocket will show you the top titles that are using that same keyword in their listing. It shows the age of the listing, the Amazon ranking, average daily sales and even a copy of the sales page.

Finally, KDP Rocket will help you decide whether a keyword is too popular to be any good. It has a competition score for each keyword which compares the number of listings, average ranking and other data to give each keyword a ranking from 1-100, depending on how competitive the market is. Choose a keyword with a lower score if you're looking for one that's easier to rank for.

How to Use KDP Rocket

You'll find different uses for this program, depending on what you write. Non-fiction authors will love it for the ability to find competitive niches in topics they're already writing about. If you're a garden writer, working with the system can help you to discover smaller sub-topics for you to write about that are hungry for material.

Fiction authors, on the other hand, will rely on this system for finding the right keywords to compete with the bestsellers in their genre. You want your keywords to bring up your books alongside the biggest bestseller in your genre, and KDP Rocket will give you a huge advantage in finding them.

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!

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