How to Get Top Food Bloggers to Feature Your Recipe Book On Instagram and Instagram Stories

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Jan 17, 2019

Are Food Bloggers Including Your Book In Their FOMO features?

Instagram is a moving billboard for food bloggers. We all know how easily it is to get sucked in to a good Instagram story- especially one that features food or the latest food product you should be trying. Because food bloggers niche skill is creating FOMO over food, they can be the perfect outlet to leverage your recipe or food book via social media. author_recipe_book_self_publishing

How To Pitch Top Food Bloggers To Get Your Book On Their Instagram

Make it all about them

Your book is going to be great for their audience because.... This is your hook. You will need to create a little FOMO for the food blogger too so they get the sense that they should jump on your book before the rest of the crowd does. Offering some level of exclusivity to a popular food blogger can be a huge advantage as well if you are asking for them to feature you specifically in an Instagram story.

In making it all about them, be sure your pitch is specific- don't only ask to be be featured, but in creating FOMO, complement them. Say that you saw a particular post on their Instagram did very well and that something specific about your book speaks to their audience's interests.

Less is more

In the case of pitching food bloggers, sometimes, quality over quantity is key if it's the right audience. Not sure who to pitch? Check out these popular bloggers and see which ones fit your niche best. 

Everyone asks the question, should I pay a food blogger to feature my work? 

Great question- and, it depends what your budget is, how willing you are to gamble with your money and, whether or not you can afford to put your eggs in one basket. Now, that may all sound like a big "no,", yet that is not the case. Most food bloggers charging big money for ads will offer some form of metrics to show their social reach that has been tested on an algorithm. Seeing that info can help vet your decision. If you can part with the money, you have determined that this (or several) blogger(s) are specifically aligned with your audience and the stats are legitimate, it can be worth considering. It never hurts to still pitch your book first and then see how the blogger responds first. 

Remember, be personal. Once you create a personal relationship with the press or bloggers, you can more easily stay in touch and even get them to call on you when they are developing stories related to your area of expertise. 

Are you currently working with food bloggers? Has your book been featured with good results on a top food blogger's Instagram? 

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