How to Increase Writing Creativity & Productivity With Neuroscience

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Mar 11, 2016

What if you could increase your productivity by 25 percent with minimal effort and expense? You'd be all over that, right? Tens of thousands of authors are using neuroscience to do just that, adding binaural beats to their writing routines. Science has shown that binaural beats -- specific musical tones and rhythms -- cause the brain to forge new pathways to achieve different states: relaxation, sleepiness, and even energized focused. Use binaural beats during your writing sessions and you'll likely see a significant increase in your daily word count. writing_neuroscience

The Science of Binaural Beats

With binaural beats, two slightly different audio tracks are played, one in each ear. Scientists have proven that with certain tones and sounds this can encourage neurophysiology to generate a desired brain wave pattern. These patterns influence your mood and energy levels. Five different binaural beat patterns have been found, each with a different effect, from active and focused thinking to deep relaxation and sleep. There are no known adverse side effects, although most sites offering the recordings post a warning for people with seizure syndromes.

The Best Way to Use Binaural Beats

While the effect can be felt by simply playing the beats over computer speakers or on a phone or tablet, you'll get the best effect by using earbuds or headphones. Begin with a relaxation rhythm. This seems to "clear your head," allowing your brain to get the full effect of the work to come. After relaxing for 15 minutes, change to a focus- or concentration-based beat. Listen to the sound at a low level. For most people, it works best if you can hear it if you concentrate, but it fades quickly into the background when thinking of something else. Set a timer and use the beat for a set period of time, usually 30 minutes. Take a 15-minute break before repeating the process. Most authors report a startling increase in words written when using this technique.

Where to Find Beats

You can find a number of free binaural beat offerings on YouTube or by doing a search online. One of the best commercial sites is found at They offer seven free trial sessions, and prices very depending on your subscription length. They aren't free, but they do offer a variety of sounds and a grading system that records which beats you use and which ones work most effectively.


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