How to Use Amazon to Choose Your Non-Fiction Title

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Apr 24, 2015

When it comes to selling your non-fiction titles, it's all about discoverability. Basically, what it means is that the easier it is for your readers to find your book, the more your book will sell. Sadly, the quality of your prose really doesn't matter much, as long as you've done a solid writing job. Non-fiction buyers are mostly looking to answer a question or solve a problem, so the first book they find that fills that need it usually the one they buy. Luckily, Amazon gives you the tools to put your print or eBook in front of more eyes than you ever dreamed of. Amazon_keywords

Amazon Search

From a book marketing perspective it's all about how people will look for your book. If you just bought a beagle puppy and want to know how to raise him, you won't search for Best Beagles Handbook, or any other book title. You'll search "raising beagle puppies" or some phrase like that into the Amazon search box. After that, you'll get a list of books about raising beagle puppies. The same concept works for any non-fiction topic. You need to emphasize search terms in your book listing, and not worry about your title, except as a way to reach out a little further into the search box.

Keywords are King

Getting your book into the top of that search string is all a matter of having the right keywords in your book listing. You can find these most popular search phrases using the tools that Amazon provides for readers to use for searching. Make a list of 5-10 keywords pertaining to your book's subject matter, such as puppy, beagle, and housebreaking. Go to Amazon's search and put one of the words into the search box. A list of phrases will pop up, from the most popular to the least. Make a note of these, as they're the most popular ways people are searching for each of your keywords. Don't list your book until you have at least seven of these phrases ready to go.

Choosing Your Book Title

You know the topic of your book. Now it's time to give it a title that pulls in readers. Use one of the top search phrases as the subtitle of your book. With the beagle puppy book, try Beagle Training: a Puppy Care Book for Kids, or some other highly rated search terms. That's a guaranteed way for more readers to lay eyes on your book.

Listing Your Book

When you list your book on Amazon, you're allowed seven keyword strings. What Amazon doesn't tell you is that you can put as many words as you want between commas. Instead of beagle, puppy, dog, training, you should use your phrases from your list. Try beagle training, puppy care book for kids, etc. Fill that space up. You're allowed up to 400 characters; there's no reason not to use every single one of them. The more popular phrases you add, the most readers who will find your book and buy it.

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