How to Use Booktrack: A Unique Marketing Concept

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Oct 30, 2014

It's said that the more senses we engage during an experience, the better hold it will have on our memory. Up until now, eBooks have only involved our sense of sight, but a new service called Booktrack has changed all that. 

Booktrack allows writers and self-published authors to add a subtle layer of sound to their written words, adding to their readers' experience much like the soundtrack to a movie enhances your viewing pleasure. The service is relatively new, and can give authors a unique book marketing tool that will set their work apart from their competition's.


How it Works

After signing up, click on the Create button to pull up the work box. Booktrack has a library of copyright-free work you can use to practice, or you can move right into using your own text. When you're ready to add a soundtrack to your own work, copy and paste the text into the provided box. Highlight the words you want to back with a sound. Letting go of the mouse button causes a box to pop up holding the search for all the sounds in their library. They have thousands, so your work won't sound like a cookie cutter copy of everyone else's.

You have the option of searching for Music, Ambiance Sounds, or Sound Effects. You can choose to add one, two, or all three of them to any portion of your text. Put a subtle song in the background, add gentle waves when your protagonist walks on the beach, and drop in a thunderclap when the weather suddenly turns stormy. Experiment with subtle sound layers to create just the right mood for your story.

The Site

Booktrack is completely user-friendly, with intuitive techniques that even pure novices can use. The site offers numerous instructional videos that break down the process into separate sections, as well as some showing a general overview of the service.

Right now, Booktrack is free to use, both for authors and for readers. Those making a Booktrack have the ability to add a description, including external links to a website, to direct readers to sales pages and other informational sites. Readers can, and do, leave comments after reading entries; the Booktrack community is growing daily and is quite lively and generous with comments and reviews.

Book Marketing

The site may be free, but it can create some valuable income as a book marketing device. If you have a series of short novellas or short stories, do one complete episode and include a link to your site where readers can purchase the complete set. For those with longer novels or nonfiction works, choose a fascinating highlight chapter (usually the beginning of the book) and end the sample on a cliffhanger. Try writing a separate one-off addition to your series to hand out only to your fans or those who sign up for your newsletter, putting the link to the Booktrack page in the email. It's taking a sample and making it more interesting, drawing in even more readers who will want to buy more.

Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!

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