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Published On Mar 10, 2021

Writing to Process

Last week I lost a friend. When I heard the news I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. So I cried. For a number of hours that was all I could do.

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Published On Jan 13, 2021

Are You a Writer?

Have you ever struggled with calling yourself a “writer”? There is something about that title that seems to come with a showy-off type of feeling. It is as if saying you are a writer automatically means that you are saying you are talented. And...

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Published On Aug 17, 2020

Want to Be an Author? Just Write!

Have you noticed that people often have a love or hate relationship with writing? My guess is that it is a result of years of getting blood-stained papers back in school with comments such as “awkward” or “???” or “wrong word choice.”

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Published On Aug 6, 2020

4 Reasons Why Writing Leads to Stress Relief

Often we think of the writing process of one that requires us to be calm and collected. We have our steaming hot coffee, some classical music playing in the background, the sun is streaming in beautifully and our creative juices are flowing.

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Published On Dec 23, 2019

Should You Read Your Own Work for Audiobooks?

You're planning on adding an audiobook to your current novel or nonfiction book. Many people tell you that you have a nice voice, or maybe you're thinking you might save a little cash, and you're thinking about doing your own audio.  Is this a...

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Published On Nov 19, 2019

Publish or Perish: How Often Do You Need to Publish?

We've all heard the words, "publish or perish," when it comes to academic careers, but what about an independent writer? After all, you have to publish to get readership, and you have to keep publishing if you want to continue to have readers....

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Published On Nov 7, 2019

Juggling Act: 5 Tips to Balance Writing and Family Time During the Holidays

Shutting your "work brain" off as an independent author is difficult. You don't have the luxury of leaving work at the office and if you're not working, you're not earning money. Relaxing becomes even more challenging over the holidays, when...

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Published On Nov 5, 2019

How to Increase Your Mailing List Size

One tool many Independent authors often ignore but shouldn't is their author mailing list. With the vagaries of promotion on social media, email is the one tool that still hits a home run for readers, even if they claim they never read or use...

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Published On Aug 27, 2019

Seth Godin: Writing & Marketing Tips After 19 Books

When it comes to writing and marketing, very few authors can top Seth Godin. Seth Godin has 19 bestselling books, which means it's hard to go wrong listening to his advice for writing and marketing.  Here are some excellent pieces of advice he...

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