Pinterest for Authors: 7 Tips to 2017's Hot Book Marketing Venue

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Jan 11, 2017

If you think that Pinterest is just for bored people looking for craft projects, you're missing out on the hottest new marketing trend of the coming year. With the rise in popularity of Instagram, Snapchat and other visual media, Pinterest is poised to take over as a marketing giant in the coming year. People are increasingly more likely to pay attention to an image online over a block of text, making visual marketing the way to go in the coming years. Start your Pinterest book marketing campaign with these helpful tips. author_tips_for_pinterest.png

1. Make an Author Pinboard

Readers still want to get to know authors, so make a board that relates to your personal life. Let them see a bit of your world: your environment, your pets, your hobbies. Do you write in unusual places? Take a series of traveling writing selfies and pin them. Use what you can to let readers know you're a real person.

2. Link Everything to Your Books

Make every pin clickable, and have every link go to either your newsletter signup page, your website or the sales page for one of your books. Never waste an opportunity to allow a reader to easily click and buy your books.

3. Let the Readers Help Market

Hold a contest for readers by asking them for pictures of themselves holding your book in interesting or unusual places. Give a prize for the most unusual or far away locations.

4. Make a Separate Board for Each Book

Even if your books are in a series, make a new board every time you publish a new book. Add pictures of details in the book, give updates on your characters and post great reviews when they come in.

5. Market Your Setting

If you've got a series set in a certain part of the country or time in history, make a board featuring that. Turn your readers into fans of Florida beaches, of 1890s Kansas or of the Pacific Northwest area. If they're invested in your books' environment, they'll be more interested in reading your next book in the series.

6. Push the Pins

Add a "Pin It!" button on your website, on articles or blog posts and on pictures of your book covers when you post on other social media. Make it easy for your fans to share your work and your boards.

7. Book Recommendations

Create a board featuring your book recommendations in your book's genre. If you read books in your niche (and if you don't, why not?) you know what's good to read. Recommending someone else's book only creates good will with other authors while strengthening the genre among all readers. And who knows? The other authors might turn around and give your books a push in return.

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!

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