Radish: A Totally New Way Authors Can Attract Rabid Fans

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Mar 1, 2017

For some authors, a new site with a unique way to monetize their books is resulting in massive sales and fan interaction. It's called Radish, and it's been growing into a high-paying platform for some authors for over a year. If you're great at writing chapters that hook your readers into wanting more, Radish can be the most important self publishing platform you use. radish_self-publishing.png

How Radish Works

Built on an app to take advantage of the hurried attitude of modern readers, Radish is available in both the App Store and Google Play store. Readers download the app to their device, then sign on with Radish and choose books in their favorite genres. Each book is broken into easily-read short chapters, and the first few chapters are free. After that first taste, readers must make a micropayment in order to get each additional chapter right away. Chapters are paid for with in-store coins which readers buy and store in their account.  They buy coins in bulk, at a cost of 5 to 10 cents per coin, depending on the size of the package they purchase. After 7 days, each new chapter is set free for the entire community to read, giving members the opportunity to support their favorite authors or wait for later to read without paying.

The small size of the chapters make this platform perfect for commuters, those who only have tiny bits of time to read fiction and those with short attention spans. Fans are comparing Radish reading to watching a favorite television show, treating new chapters like new episodes of a new favorite series.

Radish for Authors

Authors apply to write for Radish on the site. Acceptance can take up to a month. Once accepted, authors can put books up for sale and get payments on a regular basis. The freemium model that Radish operates requires authors to write exciting chapters with great hooks, chapters that make readers demand to get the next chapter immediately.

As of right now, Radish only publishes in a limited number of genres such as sci-fi and romance, but authors who write in popular niches can take advantage of this built-in audience.

The advantages to Radish are twofold: authors who are good at quick, snackable writing will make extra money from this new platform. The site claims that its highest-paid author makes five figures a month. In addition to the possible cash payments, Radish is a great way to find an entirely new crop of fans for your books. These are people who aren't traditionally apt to spend time shopping in online book stores. Once they get hooked on one of your books, though, they may be tempted to find you online and buy the rest of your back catalog. 

Radish holds no copyright to any of the work they put online, which means you can publish anything on Radish and sell it on other venues at the same time. With so little restrictions and so few downsides, it makes sense for a lot of fiction authors to try a book or two on Radish. In addition to getting some extra income, you might find it to be a great new book marketing venue.

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