Seth Godin: Writing & Marketing Tips After 19 Books

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Aug 27, 2019

When it comes to writing and marketing, very few authors can top Seth Godin. Seth Godin has 19 bestselling books, which means it's hard to go wrong listening to his advice for writing and marketing.  Here are some excellent pieces of advice he has for writers. godin_self_publishing

Write the Way You Talk

It's tough for many writers to find their "voice," so Seth's recommendation is to write like you talk. It will sound like you and will give you a style that's relatable and unique to you.

Read Your Work Out Loud

After you write, you need to edit. So the best thing to catch clumsy sentence structure, word echoes, and missing words is to read your work out loud.  Embarrassed to do so? The dog will think you're a genius, and your cat won't care.

Find an Exceptional Editor

Hire an exceptional editor who can turn your writing into something worth reading. They're called developmental editors, and they're very good at catching problems with your work. You will also need a copyeditor to go through your manuscript and catch your typos.

Find Your Own Way to Write

Some people write in the morning; some people write at night. Some authors outline; others don't. There isn't a hard and fast rule for how you get your writing done.  Don't try to copy other authors because often they aren't consistent enough to mimic. Develop your own style for getting your work done.

Blog Everyday

Blogging will help you gain a fan base plus will get you in practice to write. When you're writing every day, you can produce the work you need to.

Start Promoting Three Years Before the Book Comes Out

Although it sounds like a long lead time, Seth recommends spending three years of promotion before the book comes out. These three years should be to build a reputation, a fan base, establish a blog, and make connections you'll need to continue to promote your book.

Don't Hire a Publicist to Get You on Oprah

Nobody Seth knows has a publicist who has gotten them on Oprah. You're better served working on building your platform and promoting your book three years before it comes out.

Don't Bother Trying to Get Published by the New York Publishing Houses

Seth recommends thinking long and hard before trying to get in with the New York publishers. Why? Because you're wasting a year or more of your life trying to get your book published. Instead work on promoting yourself and publishing your book as an Indy author.


Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!

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