Slow Down To Speed Up: How Mindful Writing Will Get You Ahead In Life

Posted by Gabby Meyer
Published On Sep 27, 2021

We live in a world where things move quickly. Modern advertisers work within a very small window to catch the attention of consumers, and even then they only have a few seconds to hold a person’s engagement and interest.

Of course, there are perks to living in a modern society with rapid movement and improvements. We are able to see huge technological innovations occur in a single lifetime and watch as our daily lives become more globally interconnected, but how is that affecting our propensity for self-improvement?

Being caught up in the motion of a fast-paced world means we’re not often as focused on our needs as individuals. Whether you’re a student who feels stuck in a game of playing catch-up, or you’re working a full-time job that requires all your time and energy to complete day-to-day projects, there’s a good chance you aren’t dedicating enough of your time to mindfulness and goal-orientation.

The confusing part is that the constant hustle might be what’s holding you back.

An important aspect of moving forward is taking time to appreciate and live in the present. The process of slowing down allows us to recognize areas of improvement—areas we wouldn’t have normally seen if not for a single moment of self-reflection.

The good news is, incorporating mindfulness into your routine is much easier than you might think, and you don’t need to practice yoga or meditation to do it. At Opyrus, we use mindful writing to relax, clear our minds, and take on a future-oriented mindset.

Most writers would agree that the right topic and mindset can make writing a meditative practice. Whether you’re writing a journal entry about your inner emotions, finishing up a short story about a group of fictional characters, or taking a moment to focus on your goals for the upcoming week, it’s a process that draws focus away from your immediate surroundings and outside stressors, into the world on paper.

Research shows that writing down goals makes us 42% more likely to achieve them. That’s because it forces us to look at goals as more tangible, achievable tasks, rather than simple mental notes. By providing a written outline of your own life and future aspirations, you’ve already set yourself ahead.

It sounds counterproductive, but sometimes, the best way to speed up is to slow down. Writing pulls that stream of consciousness voice in your head and slows the pace, making your thoughts more organized and understandable. From there, you’ll set yourself on a much clearer path to completing goals and moving through life.

If you’re interested in the many ways writing can improve your life, Opyrus provides access to inspirational writing prompts and content to encourage your journey as a writer. Join for free today.

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