Steller Stories: Social Site for Authors to Share Mini-Stories & Excerpts

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Feb 10, 2015

Steller Stories, an iOS app that is now accessible on your desktop is a highly stylized application created by former Google and Microsoft experts to help users share stories about anything and everything you can imagine. It should come as no surprise that book authors of all types are catching on to the app's popularity. An easy to tool to use, authors can "extend" their story to new audiences while forming yet another tool to add to the author marketing portfolio. Steller_Stories_Authors

Getting Set Up On Stellar Stories

1. Profile. In mere minutes you're set up with this app- open on your device or online, create a profile bio featuring you as an author and title of your book, a photo of you or the front cover of your book and you're set.

2. Follow others. Next order of business is following other users- similar to other apps such as Pinterest or Instagram, follow the competition and other authors, related industry experts, news outlets etc. 

3. Interact. Steller allows multi-functional communication so make friends with those you've connected. You can comment directly under stories and within stories, a very unique feature to take advantage of. Interacting within a story will help your profile get more notice and others interacting directly with you. If you tend to be introverted, this is a solid way to make it seem that you're not that shy! 

Tip. If you notice other authors with similar stories or products, ask about co-creating a story and featuring it on your blog or on Instagram as a giveaway

What Content Should I Share in my Steller Stories? 

To decide, take a look at who you've followed and who is following you back, see who is interacting with you and what types of content they're liking and fanning. See how your topic fits into those styles. Your possibilities are rather endless here, but users do like stories, so no matter what you decide to share, tell a story at the beginning or end of your Steller slideshow. 


  • Excerpts. A short compelling excerpt with photos- you could reasonably create one every two weeks to a month. 
  • Demo. If you're a DIY author, you've hit the jackpot- some of Steller's most popular stories feature DIY cooking and designing. Think about demoing a very unique technique, but leave pieces out to keep users motivated to buy.
  • Recipe. Share your chocolate cookie recipe, but not the special flour blend you use- motivate to buy. 
  • Character development. Pick a favorite character and tell their story with visuals. 
  • Stops on your book tour and thoughts on the experience. This could be from book store to book store or go as big as featuring each city you visit. Include rich images of you, your book cover and the lay of the land. 
  • Open letters to book reviewers. Steller is a story-telling app so it's a great way to reflect- think of it as the "Singers and Songwriters" of the app world. 

Remember, be sure to place a social media icon on your website so fans can connect. Already using Steller? Tell us how other users are interacting with your stories!

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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