10 Top Websites Authors Don't Even Know They Need

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Mar 18, 2015

Savvy writers are always learning, checking blogs, taking webinars, and otherwise improving their craft. No one is perfect, but great writers take the time to get better every time they sit down at the keyboard, before they even think about publishing a book. Sometimes a great website will help you along on your path to greatness, and sometimes you never know you'll need the site until it appears on your horizon. These sites may be off your daily radar, but they'll improve your writing life immeasurably. author_websites

  1. Daily Writing Tips  It's all about the grammar, but not in a stuffy way. This site wrangles one unwieldy problem with the English language every day.

  2. Elizabeth Spann Craig   Her blog is a gold mine of tips for the writing life. She talks in a real way about the process of writing, plus she gives out a list of great writing articles each week.

  3. Fantasy Author's Handbook  If you write fantasy or science fiction, you need this website. Period.

  4. Grammar Girl  Often quoted but frequently forgotten, Grammar Girl is the grammar reference for writers everywhere. More than who/whom and then/than, this site works the twists and turns of our language to make you a better writer.

  5. Romance University  Where to go if your want to write romance, no question about it. Craft articles, talk about genres, helpful hints, and more.

  6. The Write Practice  Daily writing prompts and solid usable help when it comes to the day-to-day craft of writing.

  7. Alexis Grant  You're not just a writer, you're an entrepreneur. This site's all about the nuts and bolts of running your writing business.

  8. Better Novel Project  Deconstructs bestselling novels, pulling them into usable pieces to figure out how and why they work so well.

  9. Terrible Minds  Although it's definitely NSFW, this blog is a hilariously written solid piece of writer's advice just about every time it's published. Chuck Wendig follows his own advice, and is a bestselling author as a result. Every writer needs a bit of Wendig every month.

  10. All Indie Writers  From writer's block to book marketing, this blog is filled with no-nonsense advice for every kind of writer. The site includes a forum filled with writers of all levels of success, and even offers podcasts featuring writing advice from those who've been there and succeeded.


Keep the Faith and May the Force be With You!


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