Top 10 Online Classes for Authors: Improving Your Craft

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Jul 30, 2017

Great authors don't rest on their laurels. They're constantly improving their craft, working to improve their writing and create better books. Thanks to the internet, you can now take classes in a wide variety of writing-related topics, many of them created by accredited universities. Some are free, some cost as much as a normal college class, but all of them give you the opportunity for real growth in your writing career. Here are ten of the best offered this year. onlne_writing_courses_authors.jpg

  1. Writing Science Fiction   Offered by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), this class is free and includes all assignments and materials. It's a non-credit class focusing on the world of science fiction writing.

  2. English Composition  Offered by Arizona State University, this class includes a number of writing projects, and helps you to develop research and critical thinking skills. The class is free to take, and students who earn a C or above can pay $600 to receive a college credit for the class.

  3. How to Write About Murder  The Australian Writer's Centre offers this course for true crime writers, as well as crime fiction authors. It teaches how to research murder cases, using both sides of the story as POV. The price is $195.

  4. Online Academic English Courses  If you feel a need to brush up on one facet of your writing skills, this series of classes from the University of California Irvine might have just what you're looking for. From tricky English grammar to writing that gets readers' attention, these classes offer a wide variety of topics, and they're all free.

  5. Writing What You Know  This course from Open University teaches students how to see everyday things in a new light. If you need help with descriptions and bringing your scenes to life, this is the class for you. It's free, and self-guided. 

  6. University of British Columbia Writing Courses  You could spend years simply taking classes from this venue, and never learn all they've got to offer. With a wide variety of classes from fantasy fiction to how to plan a novel, there's no doubt that you'll find a class you need here. Prices vary.

  7. Bravewriter  Got a budding young writer in your family? This series of classes is designed for the younger author in mind. Aimed toward homeschool parents and students, these classes are so thorough you'll pick up tips yourself.

  8. The Modern Book Marketing Workshop  Trad pub or indie, you're going to need to learn about marketing for your books. Seth Godin knows his stuff, and his marketing class is only $19. 

  9. How to Manage Your Website  Your author website is the home base you'll depend on for all your author-related activities. If you're building your own WordPress site (and why shouldn't you?), this class will be a great help.

  10. How to Write a Novel  Joanna Penn has published over a dozen novels, and now teaches the steps to beginning authors. Whether you're just starting out or you've got a rough draft needing polishing, this class will put you on the road toward publication. 

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