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Published On Oct 26, 2021

From Maid to Made: The Power of Writing as Reflected in the New Netflix Show

“Writing is where I go to be honest about how I feel.” 

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Published On Sep 27, 2021

Slow Down To Speed Up: How Mindful Writing Will Get You Ahead In Life

We live in a world where things move quickly. Modern advertisers work within a very small window to catch the attention of consumers, and even then they only have a few seconds to hold a person’s engagement and interest.

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Published On Aug 20, 2021

Health Benefits of Writing a Novel

If you’ve been following along with our more recent blogs, you may already know that expressive writing has some pretty significant health benefits. You can expect to see improvements in your mood, stress levels, and overall quality of life by...

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Published On Aug 13, 2021

Writing to Set Intentions

Setting intentions improves focus, mental clarity, and overall happiness. We recently wrote about the benefits of goal setting and the power of writing, but we also want to touch on the importance of emotional intentions when it comes to trying new...

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Published On Jul 30, 2021

3 Ways Writing Can Literally Change Your Brain

Daily practice has the power to change your brain at a fundamental level.

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Published On Jul 24, 2021

TLDR; How Technology is Changing the Way We Write

TLDR – a familiar initialism to almost anyone born after the first Millennials – is also a pretty good descriptor for how people have begun to consume content and media. For those who don’t know, TLDR stands for “too long, didn’t read,” and it’s...

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Published On Jul 8, 2021

Writers Are Better Communicators

When we think of communication, most often we think of speech. However, communication comes in many forms and ultimately is the function of transmitting a message from one person to another. Every being communicates. Dogs bark when they want to tell...

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Published On Jul 2, 2021

Dear Future Self — How to Write an Open Letter to Yourself

It’s never a bad idea to check in with your own mental health. We sometimes find ourselves dealing with struggles that feel permanent and question whether our happy times are only temporary. If you’ve ever caught yourself in this type of thinking,...

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Published On Jun 23, 2021

Learning to Love Writing

As adults, we’re taught a very unfortunate fallacy about writing: if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you don’t write at all. The truth is, we don’t have to place ourselves in one of these two categories. You can be a three-time published...

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