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Expertise publishing—the new driving force in services marketing

Posted by Keith Patterson on Dec 7, 2014 8:45:00 PM

trueexpert400New business is the top challenge for 72% of professional services firms according to Hinge Research.
Most buyers select a firm for their expertise. And your reputation is the most important factor they consider, followed by your ability to make complex ideas understandable.

Thought leaders have a lock on reputation and by definition influence thier followers' service provider selection. So if you're an unknown, a convincing demonstration of your expertise to buyers and influencers is essential to winning business.

What’s a True Expert?

We call qualified service providers True Experts. And this blog’s mission is to help the unsung-but-worthy firms compete by building a marketing strategy around their expertise—and in some cases becoming thought leaders themselves.

The Hinge survey also discovered that:

  • The most convincing way to communicate expertise is to publish an authoritative book

  • The most effective way to get your book into prospects’ hands is internet content marketing

TrueExpert is published by Infinity Publishinga leading independent book publisherso of course we’re advocates of book publishing. But our intent is to help you plan and execute an expertise publishing strategy for your services firm, whatever tactics and vendors you use—and that may or may not include a book.

There’s a huge amount of available information on content marketing. Lots of advice on how to market books. But not so much on how to use expertise within a content marketing strategy.

What’s the problem we’re solving?

Our focus is on helping True Experts orchestrate the use of blogs, books and social media within a professional services content marketing strategy—because that’s what works for expertise publishing!

Ultimately, we’ll take this blog in the direction our readers find most useful. But we're starting out where we believe we can provide the most value—with tips, tools and methods to communicate your firm’s expertise in the most effective content formats.

We’ll dive into specifics on our next post, but leave you with food for thought from two of the top consultants that develop thought leadership for corporate clients.

"The goal of a book is pretty simple. It’s a combination of enhancing your brand, building up your credibility and cachet and lead generation." 
"Many companies don’t need thought leadership—they just need good content marketing. And other companies require thought leadership, not content marketing, to make their case. You just need to know what you need."
Do you have an expertise publishing strategy for your professional services firm? What are your key issues?

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