Want to Give Away eBooks in Person? Now You Can!

Posted by Arthur Gutch
Published On Sep 18, 2018

Digital publishing is a dream come true for thousands of authors: being able to reach readers worldwide with an affordable, portable product. One disadvantage digital authors have traditionally had is that they weren't able to sell or give away their books at conventions, conferences, or book signing events. Thanks to a simple online tool, now they can! BookFunnel has developed an individual code number, called print codes, that allow authors to hand over a virtual copy of their book, printed on any media they like. Bookfunnel

How Print Codes Work

Each print code is an individual eBook download code that's only good for one book download. Once it's used, it can't be used again. Each file is watermarked with the downloading reader's information, and authors can include a request for the readers to join their mailing list before downloading their book.

Authors can generate print codes in batches of 100, then distribute them how they like. Print up bookmarks or business cards with the book cover on the front, then print the individual codes on each one. Use the codes for contest prizes, leave them in public places for curious readers to find... the marketing possibilities are only limited by the author's imagination.

When to Use Print Codes

Print codes are a fantastic marketing tool for authors at live events. If you've ever felt left out at a writer's conference because you didn't have anything to sell or give away, this is the perfect answer to your conundrum. Some of the interesting ways you can use these codes are:

  • If you sell both physical books and eBooks, print out a bonus book on a bookmark to slip into each physical book you sell
  • Give away printed business cards that include a free eBook at signings, trade shows or conferences
  • Include only a sample or short story in your print code and use them as a teaser product to generate interest in your work, much like authors publish short books for free online
  • Create a book code with a secret bonus scene and give them away as bonuses to street teams, social media fans or contest winners

Advantages of Using Print Codes

While having a table full of books is the traditional setup at a conference, using print codes instead can have a number of advantages. Any author who's set up a table to sell their wares knows the backbreaking labor that's needed before and after the show. Imagine sitting down and opening up a couple of boxes of cards and bookmarks, instead. You'll save your back a lot of pain, and eliminate the need for finding helpful minions for setup and teardown.

Print codes are much less expensive than even the most frugal author's copy paperback book. All print code downloads are counted as regular downloads on your BookFunnel plan, and they're available at the Mid-List plans and above. This means that for less than $10 a month, you can print out all the print codes you need to promote your eBook.

Print codes are much more convenient. Put a stack of business cards including codes in your messenger bag or pocket. You'll always have a free book to give strangers you meet, which is much better than simply directing them to your website or sales page. Discoverability has never been easier for indie authors.

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!

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