What is a Writing Trail?

Posted by Gabby Meyer
Published On Oct 26, 2021

Writing Trails are a new feature on the Opyrus platform, aimed at promoting mental and physical wellbeing through guided writing practice.

We like to think of writing as equal parts relaxation and mental exercise. When a writer enters a flow state, the processes of thinking and writing become almost perfectly intertwined. Words begin to flow perfectly from mind to paper, and the process itself can be almost meditative. We all struggle with complicated and confusing thoughts crowding up our minds, and writing allows us to focus on a single stream of consciousness that we can revisit at any time. 

However, it can be difficult to enter a relaxing state with writing if you’re feeling bound by an unexciting writing assignment or finishing a new chapter in your book. Sometimes, it’s important to just take a step back and let the writing come first, and the content will follow. That’s exactly why we encourage writers to find inspiration through various sources, like journaling and writing prompts. Writing Trails has a similar process, but is a more fully-immersive exercise that’s meant to inspire even more creativity than before.

To get started with a Writing Trail, you don’t need much, other than what we’ve already provided. You’ll choose from a list of ambiance/background sounds to drown out the noise of your busy life. From there, you’ll be guided by either audio or written instructions (your choice), and begin a writing process that’s probably unlike any you’ve experienced before. Throughout the Writing Trail, we’ll instruct you on breathing and relaxation tactics to more fully immerse you into the relaxing flow state that fosters the best work.

If you aren’t already familiar with the benefits of writing as a regular practice, increased focus and better mood are only two of many. Writing establishes a mind-body connection that provides greater insight into what’s happening within. By creating a greater awareness of one’s thoughts, writing increases your focus on the task at hand. Even if you consider yourself to be easily distracted, working on a consistent writing practice can teach you to stay on task and complete each of your objectives one-by-one.

If you’re writing with flow, it should be somewhat difficult to let your mind wander. This is because a practiced writer can only think as fast as they can write (or type). Oftentimes our minds race through the day. Before we can complete a thought, we’ve already moved onto the next one. Writing is an excellent tactic that forces you to exist in the present moment and trains your brain to focus more clearly.

Writing can also increase your mood by strengthening that relationship with the present. It’s not uncommon to get bogged down by past mistakes and future stressors; but with writing, you’ll become more dedicated to what’s happening on paper.

As a result of these mental effects, writing can even bring you financial prosperity. Studies show that writing increases the likelihood of achieving goals. So, if you only intend to use this practice to accomplish one thing, do it for your own future.

Writing Trails are meant for any level of writer. Whether you’re a novice interested in developing a new mindfulness skill or you're an experienced author, the program is built to help you. Get yourself out of a creative rut by trying out this new exercise, and let us know how it goes on social media!

To try out your first writing meditation for free, click here.

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