Why With Writing, Age Doesn't Matter

Posted by Brooke Diamond
Published On Aug 26, 2021

If you’re on this page, you are a writer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a minor, nor does it matter if you haven’t published anything or completed any work. You might have even wondered about writing, only to dismiss it as some unattainable concept. But it doesn’t matter when you write–it matters that you’re writing. You’re never too young to start your writing journey. Every word you put on a page counts, because it’s unique to you. There’s never a right or a wrong time to write. Life never stops moving forward, and neither should you. Why wait when you can begin now?

Everyone’s motivations are different: processing emotions, expressing feelings, creating original work and more. When people hold themselves back from something right at the grasp of their fingertips, they wouldn’t realize how beautiful it is. It’s a world of creativity that you can tap into at your hearts’ whim.

Writing at an earlier age improves your skills as well. Even if you aren’t proud of your work, writing more helps improve those skills. It’s better to start earlier not just for this reason, but also for many more. Writing makes us better communicators, and it also greatly improves our skills in understanding our emotions better. Writing can make you feel happier, lighter, and more expressive. You can find a home in writing, and writing finds a home in you.

Additionally, writing can serve as a journal. No matter what exactly you create, you can always look back on the memories and feelings that you poured into your words. It’s also good to remember to separate writing from school writing–it’s not the same. When you write for yourself, it’s an entirely different experience, because you’re not writing to be graded or judged. You’re writing for yourself and your own motivations, and you are your own critic.

So look at your youth as a way to lay groundwork for future endeavors. Whether you wish to go into a career with writing or not, it’s a useful skill to build up, and it has multiple benefits that can come with starting early. If you’re an adult, this can apply to you, too. It’s never too early or too late to start writing. So pick up your pencil, or go to your computer, and put down a few words. It can transform you. 

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